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Nirvana Life Plan Package  

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What is a Nirvana Life Plan Package?

Most people have never planned a funeral before and, in fact, they do not know where to begin. By offering complete funeral packages we have done much of the preliminary work, allowing you to concentrate on other matters. 

We hope to be of help in this time of need and our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family.

Nirvana Funeral Service Packages will provide you the very best care and service to help you through this difficult time. They will help plan every detail of a funeral service customized to fit your family’s needs and traditions.

What is funeral service pre-planning?

No one likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. In many families, discussing one’s mortality is an extremely uncomfortable topic. But it is a topic that should be discussed and planned for well in advance of your death.

It’s easy to say, “Don’t make a fuss. I don’t want a ceremony. Just bury me and be done with it.” But it is important to realize that the ritual of a funeral and/or memorial service is not for the deceased but for the living. It is a time when friends and family can gather together to grieve openly and to provide support for one another.

Why the funeral service preplanning is so important?

~Maintaining Dignity and Harmony~

Funeral Service Pre-Planning is a plan for the after life.

The Strengths of Funeral Service Pre-Planning include:

*Relieve loved one from financial burdens, stress and confusion.

*Prevent the family from making costly and hasty decisions.

*Allow individuals to decide their own preferred service, choose their own rites and rituals.

*Help to hedge against inflation and ultimately save money.

*One is able to share these difficult decisions with loved ones and prepare acceptance of the finality with nu regrets.

*Save the family from anguish and grief from doing anything other than remembering you.

*Low down-payment, free interest installment scheme.

*International Corperated, professional and trustable service team.

Nirvana Pre-Planning, Total Peace In Mind


事前規劃 心無牽挂


如果生老病死是无可避免的生命现象,那么冷静地为将来做规划就有其必要性了。事前规划既可以减轻情绪上的困挠,也可以疏解财务上的压力。在已开发国家,事前 规划皆被广泛接受。

如今,富贵集团子公司富贵关怀有限公司,也深切了解到您关切完整人生蓝图与生命尊荣的问题,为您精心推出一系列可以令您心无牵挂、安枕 无忧的生命圆满契约–”富贵事前规划”套装。 生命圆满契约的”富贵事前规划”套装提供 佛教 / 道教,基督 / 天主教服务配套,依据客户的财务预算,提供最令人满意的服务。


沒有人喜歡去思考死亡,更不用說如何去計劃。在許多的家庭當中,‘死亡’是一個非常不舒服的話題,可是它卻是在每個人的生活上必須事先討論及事先規劃的一個話題。一般人都會說:死後不需小題大作,我不需要什麽葬禮,只需把我埋了就好。這說起來非常容易,可是更重要的,我們需要知道,一個葬禮或追悼儀式並不只是為了死者,同時也是為了讓活著的人,在悲傷的同時,朋友和家人可以聚集在一起哀悼思念,相互給予支持。 通過提前規劃自己的葬禮,我們能夠解除往生者一切的憂慮,同時能夠讓家人在平靜、思念、緬懷中渡過這艱難的時刻。



 * 掌控主权,有商有量,避免意見冲突,破坏感情。 

 * 冷靜面对,圓滿处理,避免儿女在外,仓促决定。

 * 妥善安排,淸楚交代,避免不知所措,重重打击。

 * 爱心延续,孝心回饋,避免心煩意乱,手忙脚乱。

 * 鎖定价格,节省经費,避免通膨衡击,額外負担。

 * 早日投資,无忧无慮,避免无法之徒,偷抢骗刮。

 * 提前支付,免息分期,避免一次付淸,加重負担。

 * 囯际品牌,專业团队,避免任人擺佈,漫天开价。

 * 預购优惠,事前咨詢,不怕货比三家,价格透明。

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