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Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka)

Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) possesses an excellent Feng Shui landform known as "Dragon Returning to the Ancestors" The incoming dragon from a thousand miles surges to this point and then turns back toward the parent mountain as if reluctant to part, regarding its ancestor and expressing gratitude. The first columbaria of Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is imposing and specifically located at the highest point of the incoming dragon. The bright hall is broad and protected on both sides by embraces.
The complex is semi-open and enclosed on three sides - stable and in harmony - allowing Qi to gather. At the same time, it allows for natural light and Qi to collect. From a bird's eye view, its location appears as if between the petals of a blossom, like the sacred lotus of the Pure Land.

Excellent Fengshui to foster
prosperity for generations


風水絕佳 四代昌盛

Serene & Dignified: An Expression of Love Everlasting

Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is a brand new, modern concept memorial park in Machap, the largest Chinese settlement in Melaka. The location is excellent, and it is easily accessible in terms of transport.
The picturesque memorial park is surrounded by verdant hills and encircled by natural water sources - it is truly a garden that expreses everlasting love and memories.
Meticulously designed and systematically-planned, the landscaping is breathtaking, as are its mesmerizing water features. The spacious walkways and ample parking spaces provide a sense comfort and ease for visitors.

Recollecting of the Beauty of Life

The tranquil gardens are full of blossoming flowers thoughtfully designed by landscape artists, a subliminal touch that recalls the warmth and beauty of life.
A gentle breeze blows through the natural landscape, carrying with it auspicious blessings and good wishes of the ancestors. 

靜謐莊嚴    悠悠此心


生如夏花    生命禮贊


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