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Nirvana Kulai Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park Kulai Burial Plot

Imperial Zone - Burial Plot

The name of “Imperial” has been a significant of utmost royalty for decades, especially to the tradition of Chinese ancestors. The “Imperial” can be regard as a person who has high reputation and full of wealth. The whole new “Imperial Zone” as the latest serial of burial plot that recommend by the Nirvana Holding Berhad is yet another great artwork by the company. It was designed and modified based on the concept of classical. In order to express the gracious and spacious of the “Imperial Zone”, the whole new zone has been build and designed with the accompanied of few Chinese tradition style pavilions. These pavilions located in the high area of the Zone which encourage the descendants to have a great view over the zone.

Imperial Zone                

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') Price From RM63,800* (Pre-Book) / RM68,800 (As-Need)  

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') Price From RM224,800* (Pre-Book) / RM229,800 (As-Need)  

-Super Family Burial Plot (38' x 72') Price From RM762,800* (Pre-Book) / RM777,800 (As-Need)  

Imperial Zone 2             

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') Price From RM60,000* (Pre-Book) / RM65,000 (As-Need)  

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') Price From RM226,800* (Pre-Book) / RM233,800 (As-Need)  

-Super Family Burial Plot (38' x 72') Price From RM810,800* / RM825,800 (As-Need)  

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment

Nirvana Kulai Imperial Zone Burial Plot


古往今來,【帝王】一直是個對擁有至高無上權力者的尊稱。被喚為“帝王”之者,坐擁江山帝國,享不盡的榮華富貴,福澤万民,德潤子孫世世代代。 此次推出的全新福地-【帝王苑】區,便是以此概念作爲設計的最初標杆。讓墓園體現出遼闊宏偉,卻也不失莊嚴謹慎的場景。層層依席而上的陣勢,寓意著後代子孫福壽德高之意。區内筑起的一座座貴氣庭院,使後代子孫高瞻晤遠,蟠龍居於腳下之勢。


-双位凤水福地(12' x 18')价格从RM63,800*起 (预购 ) /   RM68,800起 (即用)   

  -家族位凤水福地(24' x 36')价格从RM224,800*起 (预购) / RM229,800起 (即用)   

-超级家族位凤水福地(38' x 72')价格从RM762,800*起 (预购) / RM777,800起 (即用)

帝王苑 2 

-双位凤水福地(12' x 18')价格从RM60,000*起 (预购 ) RM65,000起 (即用)

-家族位凤水福地(24' x 36')价格从RM226,800*起 (预购) RM233,800起 (即用)

-超级家族位凤水福地(38' x 72')价格从RM810,800*起 (预购) RM825,800起 (即用)



Nirvana Kulai Zone H Double Burial Plot

Zone H - Burial Plot

Double Burial Plot (12' x 16') Price From RM49,800* (Pre-Book) / RM54,800 (As-Need) (Limited Unit)


#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment

H 区域风水福地

-双位福地(12' x 16')价格从RM49,800*起 (预购) / RM54,800(即用) (単位有限) 


Zone J Package Burial Plot

-Single Burial Plot (5' x 15') [Tomb + maintenance fees Included] Price From RM28,500 (Pre-Book) 

-Double Burial Plot (10' x 15') [Tomb + maintenance fees] Included] Price From RM50,800 (Pre-Book) 

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment


-单位福地(5' x 15') [含风水墓碑 +永久管理费] 价格从RM28,500起 (预购) 

-双位福地(10' x 15') [含风水墓碑 +永久管理费] 价格RM50,800起 (预购) 


Nirvana Kulai Zone J Package Double Burial Plot
Nirvana Kulai Zone K Family & Double Burial Plot

Zone K Burial Plot

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') Price From RM50,800 (Pre-Book) / RM51,800 (As-Need)

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') Price From RM212,800* (Pre-Book) / RM227,800 (As-Need)


#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment


-双位福地(12' x 18')价格从RM50,800起 (预购) / RM55,800起 (即用)

-家族位福地(24' x 36')价格RM212,800*起 (预购) / RM227,800起  (即用)     


Zone D- Burial Plot

A whole new Burial plot land Zone D, also known as the Zone of God of Fortune. The back wall of each of the burial plot was engraved with the tradition totem which meaning great fortune and prosperity. The Family Lot in this area was extremely beautiful and elegance. Embrace the marvelous environment and bring wealth to the descedents.

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') Price From RM204,800 (Pre-Book) / RM209,800 (As-Need)  

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment


Nirvana Kulai Zone D Family Burial Plot

重新规划精心打造的Zone D财神爷区特大家族位,不仅明堂宽广,其墓碑后墙更附上含有吉祥寓意的传统式图腾,让家族墓碑更显独特。财神与招宝天尊、招财使者们,高耸在此区,承接着环抱而来的水,把财富都带给后代子孙。

-家族位凤水福地(24' x36')价格从RM204,800*起 (预购 ) / RM209,800起 (即用)   


Nirvana Kulai Zone G2 Package Double Bur
Nirvana Kulai Zone G Package Single Buri

Zone G2 Package Double Burial Plot  

-Double Burial Plot (10' x 15') Price RM37,600

(Tomb + Maintenance Fees Included)

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment


-双位福地(10' x 15')价格RM37,600(含风水墓碑 + 永久管理费)


Zone G Package Burial Plot  

-Single Burial Plot (5' x 15') Price RM24,200

(Tomb + Maintenance Fees Included)

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment


-单位福地(5' x 15')价格RM24,200(含风水墓碑 + 永久管理费)


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