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Nirvana Memorial Park Melaka Burial Plot
Excellent Fengshui to foster prosperity for generations

Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) possesses an excellent Feng Shui landform known as "Dragon Returning to the Ancestors" The incoming dragon from a thousand miles surges to this point and then turns back toward the parent mountain as if reluctant to part, regarding its ancestor and expressing gratitude. The first columbaria of Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is imposing and specifically located at the highest point of the incoming dragon. The bright hall is broad and protected on both sides by embraces.
The complex is semi-open and enclosed on three sides - stable and in harmony - allowing Qi to gather. At the same time, it allows for natural light and Qi to collect. From a bird's eye view, its location appears as if between the petals of a blossom, like the sacred lotus of the Pure Land.

Endorsed by Renowned Masters : Master Philip Wong {President of Association Fengshui YiJing Malaysia)

' Returning Dragon Protecting Ancestor Lotus Meridian Point, an overflowing basin of wealth and prosperity for generations' Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) has a superior Feng Shui land formation which brings blessings to descendants, which is considered rare. 

At Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka), the dragon (mountain) comes from north to south and then turns around to form a sort of protective embrace, creating a formation known as "Returning Dragon Protecting Ancestor Meridian Spot" The land is like a blooming lotus blossom, and the mountains are like petals surrounding the Meridian Point. The earth is full of vitality and moist with five harmonious colours. On the left the mountain is shaped like a saddle and one on the right is shaped like a canopy. There is a shady dragon pool in the vicinity. The overall Feng Shui land formations form a superior Treasure Lotus Meridian Point, bringing great blessings of prosperity and wealth for generations of descendants.

Double & Single Burial Plots  Man and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Aside from its auspicious Feng Shui, Nirvana Memorial Park (Melaka) is meticulously planned to harmonise with its natural surroundings. This ensures peace for those who rest here and comfort for those who come to visit. With carefully laid out walkways combined with scenic bridges across water features, visitors can rest in antique-styled pavilions for contemplative healing, or to just enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Family Burial Plot  Like Falling Leaves Returning to the Roots

Created with the theme of "home" in mind, the family plot is designed by combining the Chinese cultural tradition of "reunion" with landscaping.
The result is a permanent space with impressive architecture, artistic stone carvings and lovely gardens, where generations of family can come home to rest - just like the falling leaves of a tree returning to the roots.

Royal Family Burial Plot  Eternal Glory of Nobility

The Royal Family Burial Plot commemorates the history, stories and achievements of each generation in stone- like a magnificent house where descendants can gather in celebration amidst breathtaking scenery.
The family plot can be personalised, lending a personal touch to each monument.


生如夏花   生命禮贊


名師鑑證  風水绝佳 : 黃十林大師 (馬來西至易經水總會總會長 )


雙/單穴福地  天人和諧



家族福地  落葉歸根



家族陵園  尊貴不朽


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Zone A Sub Sales Double Lot Rm42,800

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