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Nirvana Segamat Zone G Family & Double Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park Segamat Burial Plot

Zone G-Newly Launched Burial Plot

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') 

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') 

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-双位凤水福地(12' x 18')

-家族位凤水福地(24' x 36')


Nirvana Segamat Zone A Family Burial Plot

Zone A Subsales Double Burial Plot 12' x 18' Rm53,800
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Zone A - Family Burial Plot - A Symbol of Status, Dignity and Glory

Zone A is blessed with excellent Fengshui, facing rolling hills that renders this Zone full rating in term of auspicious element of Fengshui that brings abundance and prosperity.

Set against a grand and majestic background of lush greenery, Zone A has an outstanding view and landscape with a natural ambience, An aura of peace and tranquility renders a pure land for the departed.

A Family Memorial Court Heralding the Journey Home

Zone A  is designed to mark the journey home for the departed. It infuses the future generations with pleasant recollections of the departed. This family memorial court embodies a free mind of individuality and personality as integrated into design of the plot. Royal Zone lets you take pride in immortalizing your family’s history, commemorative remarks and any other historical accounts about the departed. Cherish the beauty of reminiscence in an idyllic setting brimmed with a panoramic vista as you remember your loved ones

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') Sold Out





家族墓园   落叶归根


-家族位凤水福地(24' x36') 卖完

Nirvana Segamat Royal Zone

Royal Zone

Royal Zone is situated at the highest point of the park and is undoubtedly the most distinguished piece of burial ground. Royal Zone presents a panoramic view of rolling hills to the delight of the eyes. Set against a charismatic, majestic mountain, Royal Zone would surely bestow upon is residents with boundless fortune and outstanding greatness, rendering itself as one of the choicest plot of burial lands.

Royal Zone -Double Burial Plot- Sold Out

帝王苑  - 




Nirvana Segamat Zone D Double Burial Plot

Zone D- Burial Plot

Bamboo lends an exotic oriental atmosphere to the landscape. It symbolizes strength, flexibility, tenacity, endurance and tolerance. As a result, Zone D exudes an atmosphere fill with compassion, comfort and peace.

Bamboo also represents a time-honoured tradition, bringing generations together to foster greater bond in life. With the compassionate and merciful Goddes of Mercy ever looking the courtyard, one cannot help but feel the love that enlightens and bond family together.

Zone D fronts picturesque scenery of ponds, verdant greeneries and blossoming flowers. The worshipping visitors would be treated a scenic garden when they pay homage to their departed loved ones.

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') 

-Family Burial Plot (24' x 36') 

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碧湖清澄明淨   山水交映生辉



-双位凤水福地(12' x 18')

-家族位凤水福地(24' x 36')


Nirvana Segamat Zone E Double Burial Plot

Zone E- Burial Plot

Zone E bonds with a range of verdant hills,  which is home to a vibrant profile of flora and fauna. The resulting tranquility pleases the mind as the poetic images if such setting conjure up an unruffled state of innermost thoughts which bring about great fortune, passing down prosperity and posterity.

Amitabha  Buddha has super natural power of assuming any form required in order to relieve suffering and provide enlightenment. Regarded as the personification of compassing and kindness,  Amitabha  Buddha is able to help sentient beings eradicate ordeals and obstacles, and to get us out of the sea of sufferings.

With the compassionate and mercifu

l Buddha watching over the Zone E, one gets to feel the love that enlightens and bonds family together.

-Double Burial Plot (12' x 18') 

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment

福寿园 (无量寿佛)-凤水福地 

以阿彌陀佛(无量寿佛) 为主题的福寿园,环境幽雅寧靜。置身於绿荫环抱的大自然空间,阳光普照,草木欣欣,伴隨鸟語虫呜的自然天籁,消彌了伤感氣息,塑造出壮丽、荘嚴、祥和靜穆的无憂乐土。得此区者当能显赫后代,庇佑子孙、财丁兴旺、福寿绵長。

端坐於福寿园正前方的荘嚴阿彌陀佛,(无量寿佛) 圣像散发灵气,笼罩整座墓园,遍照十方无边世界,使众生修得无上功德,除无明掛礙烦惱,离无边执著苦海。

淸灵庇佑的(无量寿佛) ,屹立於祥和的安息之地,令訪者感受淸涼的慈悲心,舒缓丧情的步調,沉浸於佛法世界,达到心灵的祥和与安寧。

-双位凤水福地(12' x 18')


Nirvana Segamat Christian & Catholic Zone Eden Burial Plot

Zone Eden

Distinguished, dignified, peaceful memorial burial plots for Christians.

Single Burial Plot (5' x 16') 

-Double Burial Plot (10' x 16') 

-Family Burial Plot (20' x 32') 

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment




-单位福地(6' x 16')

-双位福地(10' x 16')

-家族位福地(20' x 32')


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