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Nirvana Kulai Entrance

Nirvana Memorial Park Kulai

Nirvana Memorial Park, Kulai is situated at Kulai, Jln Kota Tinggi near Johor Bahru on a piece of fengshui land 67 acres in area. It is the first Nirvana memorial park outside of Kuala Lumpur in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a strategic location, only a 30 minutes’ drive from Johor Bharu. It overlooks the surrounding gentle slopes being endowed with good geomancy, commanding a soothing view. Nirvana Memorial Park, Kulai is designed with quaint architecture that has won numerous awards for Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih.

Nirvana Memorial Park, Kulai is blessed with all the good vibes that a Fengshui requires. It nestles within the embrace of the cosmic dragon to further demonstrate the utopian state of Nirvana by redefining noble aspirations.

The Entrance Arch has a unique gate design. In Nirvana Memorial Park, Kulai there are temple, urn compartment palace and beautifully landscaped floral scenario. Lush greenery also permeates the whole Park which is serviced by spacious roads and ample parking lots.

The urn compartment palace is equipped with advanced laser systems and quaint Buddhist architecture. The Park is managed by the same professional standard that has made Nirvana Memorial Park, Kulai such a house hold name. The salient features include first rate service, professional management, Perpetual Trust Fund, magnificent landscaping and far-sighted planning.

富貴山莊 古來

富貴山莊 (古來)坐落於古來哥打丁宜路段,距離新山市區僅需四十分鈡。此山莊乃是富貴集團繼吉隆坡富貴山莊後的第二個風景墓園地點。環境地處幽靜唯美,被綿綿山巒環抱。而此山莊也是由設計士毛月富貴山莊的設計名師一手打造,屢獲嘉獎。


古來富貴山莊,山延綿起伏,緩而不急,測落脈結地理佳穴,猶如金牛長眠穴中(牛眠地),牛眠地是風水學中蔔葬的吉地。全區有三條溪河盤旋而過,後天風水裁剪得當,不只景觀幽美,風水更是天造地設。 山莊也提供了充足的停車位以及寬裕的道路,讓來往入內的車輛都能順暢通行。伴有專業的服務團隊,一流的服務質量以及永久的產業信托管理,這務必是大衆們絕佳的選擇。

Nirvana Kulai Layout
Nirvana Memorial Park Kulai, Johor, Malaysia
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Nirvana Memorial Park Kulai Burial Plot

富贵山荘古来 凤水福地

Nirvana Kulai Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park Kulai Columbarium   富贵山荘古来 骨灰殿

Nirvana Kulai White Robed Deity Columbarium
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