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Nirvana Singapore

Nirvana Singapore

Located at Old Chua Chu Kang, Nirvana is the first privatize memorial park in Singapore, which is 6-star and the most luxurious and modern columbarium in Singapore. Build with fully airconditioned and the auspicious elements of Feng Shui, Nirvana is a splendid place to provide customer with a total peace of mind.

富贵山荘 新加坡

坐落于旧蔡厝港的富贵山庄, 乃新加坡首 个私营化6星级及最豪华现代化兼全冷气 设备的骨灰殿. 同时, 经过专人设计风水格 局的富贵山庄, 设计富丽堂皇, 尽显非凡气 派. 豪华美观的环境, 尽善尽美的现代设备, 在平安, 福气与庇佑后代之余, 让访者在追 思之际更舒适祥和.

Three-Buddha Praying Hall


Nirvana Singapore Three Buddha Praying Hall

Extraordinary Ju Xian Dian


Nirvana Product & Service   富贵產品与服务

Nirvana Columbarium   富贵灵骨殿

Nirvana Ancestral Tablet   富贵神祖牌位

Nirvana Service   富贵服务

10 Reason Why Nirvana

1. Asia largest bereavement care pioneer, more than 20 years’ of experience

2. 0% interest installment plan

3. Protects you from inflation

4. Superior after sales service

5. Superior after sales services (free shuttle service, free lunch, free wifi, Chinese culture event and etc… )

6. Most advance and auspicious elements of Fengshui

7. 30 million trust fund plan

8. Non yearly maintenance fees

9. A final Gift and Paradise for LOVE ONE and OURSELF

10. 99 Year Lease


1. 亚洲最大的殡葬业公司有超过二 十年的经验


2. 免利息分期付款


3. 抵抗通货膨胀


4. 优质及贴心的售后服务


5. 365天免费巴士接送,免费无线上 网,传统文化活动…….


6. 用最先进的科技及专业的风水打 造

7. 三千万的信托基金

8. 無需每年付管理费


9. 给自己和最爱的人最后一件礼物 及座天堂


10. 99 年地契

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