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Nirvana Segamat Block B Buddhist Columbarium

Buddhist Columbarium-Block B

Urn Compartment,  crafted from the finest materials and emphasizing a distinctive style, posses characteristic of serene and elegance.

Here, with a Buddha statue at the columbarium, family members will receive infinite blessings, abundance of prosperity and longevity.

At the compartment, the interior calm setting with air-condition and chairs provide a suitable rest area for visitor. Leaving behind the sachness, family members can get together to foster, rest and relax.

The compartment window is decorated by delicately laser luster Buddha Statue with a wood-grain aluminium-zinc alloy box, allowed the deceased continue practicing Buddhism. The future generation shall also be blessed with health, long life and happiness.

There are superb choices of single and double lot urn compartment at affordable prices for choices and also the needs for the Buddhist and Taoist.

Single Niche Price From RM10,300 - RM17,300 (Pre-Book) / RM12,300 - RM19,300 (As-Need)  

Double Niche Price From RM17,300 - RM29,300 (Pre-Book) / RM20,300 - RM32,300 (As-Need) 

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment







单位骨灰位价格从RM10,300起 - RM17,300 (预购) / RM12,300 - RM19,300 (即用)  


双位骨灰位价格从RM17,300起 - RM29,300 (预购) / RM20,300 - RM32,300 (即用)   



Nirvana Segamat Block A Guan Yin Columbarium

Guan Yin Dian Columbarium-Block A

Spreading across the longest point of the park, Guan Yin Dian columbarium is renowned for its scenic landscape tapestry the pays tribute to the beauty of Mother Nature. While one spends time immersing his / her soul within the beauty surrounding columbarium, its lush walkway, greenery and posh landscaping would leave one gasping in awe.

Blending with Chinese cultural arts and the concept of peace and tranquility, Guan Yin Dian columbarium is undisputably a magnificent resting place for these who opt for cremation. 

Guan Yin Dian columbarium resembles the ancient Chinese architerctural building that is engraved with traditional painting and decorative patterns. It reflects an eternal interior decorations with a proper setting.

Guan Yin Dian Columbarium-Sold Out








Nirvana Jementah Block C1.jpg
Nirvana Jementah Block C2.jpg
Nirvana Jementah Block C.jpg
Block C Columbarium   百善林骨灰殿

Single Niche Price From RM6,800 - RM8,800 (Pre-Book) / RM8,300 - RM10,300 (As-Need)  

Double Niche Price From RM8,800 - RM14,800 (Pre-Book) / RM11,800 - RM17,800 (As-Need) 

#Pre-Book Free Interest Installment

单位骨灰位价格从RM6,800起 - RM8,800 (预购) / RM8,300 - RM10,300 (即用)  


双位骨灰位价格从RM8,800起 - RM14,800 (预购) / RM11,800 - RM17,800 (即用)   



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