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Nirvana Segamat Entrance

Nirvana Memorial Park Segamat

Nirvana Memorial Park, Segamat was launched in 2003. Located at Jementah near Segamat on a piece of choice land 102 acres in area. It is a strategic location, only a 25 minutes’ drive from Segamat . It is on elevated ground and is endowed with good geomancy, commanding a breath-taking view.Nirvana Memorial Park, Segamat is designed with the same standard of landscaping and architecture that has won numerous awards for Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih.

The Entrance Arch is especially designed with the needs of the locals in mind. Inside the Park, there are temple, urn pavilians and beautiful landscaping which includes fountains, bridges and arbors. Lush greenery and permeates the whole Park which is serviced by spacious roads and ample parking lots.

The temple is situated on elevated ground which commands a breathe taking view of its surroundings.The Park, which was launched in 2003 is complemented by first rate service, professional management, Perpetual Trust Fund, magnificent view and far-sighted planning.

Nirvana Memorial Park is also a member of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) and also the first privatized memorial park in the world to be awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certification in recognition of its professionalism, high standards in services, good maintenance and after-sale service.

Excellent Fengshui

Nirvana’s burial plots are recognized by international acclaimed Fengshui master for its excellent geomancy sites which are further enhanced by outstanding landscaping and natural environment. Pre-planning of burial plots and erection of tombs will help promote longevity and health, and passing down blessing of prosperity to future generations.

Variety of Choices

Nirvana Memorial Park (Segamat) comes with a variety of burial plot choice. Family, double and single plots featuring different artistic tomb designs are selectively located at good Fengshui directions.


富贵山庄 (昔加末) 成立於2003年,位於昔加末一个极具策略性的地点~利民达,縂面积约103英畝,环境优美,风景宜人,乃不可多得之风水吉穴。距离昔加末市区僅25分鈡车桯,地点適中,交通方便!

富贵山庄不僅是国际墓园殡葬協会 (IFCCA) 的成员,更是世界第一家犾得 ISO 9001:2008认证的私营墓园,显示了富贵山庄无论在銷售、管理及服务第领域受国际认同。目前,富贵山庄更是亚洲最大殡葬企業公司。

凤水绝佳   千年难求




Nirvana Memorial Park Jementah, Johor, Malaysia
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Nirvana Memorial Park Segamat Burial Plot  

富贵山庄昔加末 风水福地

Nirvana Segamat Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park Segamat Columbarium   

富贵山庄昔加末 骨灰殿

Nirvana Segamat Columbarium
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